Ready, Set, Registration!

Today is the day…

Registration is open!


If you’re as excited as we are (which is pretty excited), then you’ll make sure to send in your list of students and your payment ASAP!  We can’t wait to start filling in workshop sessions and seeing which schools are bringing the most kids.  (We’re not saying it’s a contest to bring the most kids, but we kind of are saying it’s a contest.  *HUGE SMILE*)

So check out the below information if you’ve lost the email we sent out (or if you’re completely new to the COAWest 2016 bandwagon)… it’s all here:





And just for kicks, here’s a quick reminder “run-down” of the basics of Cavalcade of Authors West 2016…

$20 per student
April 30th, 2016
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
All your favorite authors (or soon -to-be-favorite)

That’s about it.  Send us your students! (Well, the forms with the student names, and the money from your students… we will take the students later.)

Happy Monday!


A Galaxy of Newness!

It seems like there is a galaxy of newness showing up all over the website, so today you’re going to get links to more content, more information, more posters, more people, and more requests! Hooray!

Therefore, today deserves an awesome picture of the galaxy. (You’re welcome.)

galaxy[Photo Credit]

First up, printables!  We have the COA Poster and Brochure ready for you to hit print (print all you want!).

Next, we have a Donation Form ready for you to fill in and return. If you love books, authors, reading, writing, education, or opportunities for students, then donating is for YOU! It doesn’t matter if you have a credit card, purchase order, check, or in-kind donation… Cavalcade of Authors West wants and needs your donation of any size or shape. We want to give you as many ways to donate as possible, so check out our IndieGoGo Campaign HERE.

Plus, the About section has more info about the SUPER AWESOME SCHEDULE for those of you who like to see the specific start and end times (it helps with arranging transportation, etc).

If you need information about Registration, then you need to check out our information on that page… it’s crucial!

Books, books, books! Check out our Featured Books page for information about what books you’ll be reading from our awesome authors. Heck yes.

Oh yeah, we also have the Author Visit Request Form ready for your school to fill in if you want the amazing opportunity for an author to come visit your school on Friday, May 1st before the conference.

THEN, we have the Authors & Workshops page updated with pictures AND links to every author who will attend Cavalcade. Just click the name of the author to follow the interwebz to his or her own website full of intriguing information!

But wait, there’s more!

Coming soon we will have biographies of every author (which will help students make choices about who they want to hear during panel and workshop presentations). And! we’re going to have descriptions soon of all of the workshops being offered, which is beyond exciting!

That’s a lot to soak up… but we know you can do it. Get those typing and surfing fingers ready, grab your favorite browsing beverage, and enjoy the new information brought to you by Cavalcade of Authors West!

another galaxy[Photo Credit]

The Big Launch!

Begin the countdown! We have moments before blast off…


The moment we’ve been waiting… it’s here!  No, we’re not talking about Christmas or some big New Years Eve shindig, we’re talking about the release of registration information and materials for Cavalcade of Authors West to the public!


The email goes out today (and maybe you’ve seen it already), we’re ready for students and teachers to sign up, and we’re sooo excited.  Lots of hard work has gone into providing clear information about the event and instructions about how to sign up.  If you have any questions, please make sure to contact us!

That being said–go check out the registration page!  Go round up some kiddos and gather around to oooh and aaah about the authors that will be presenting a wealth of knowledge!


Believe It or Not! (Just Believe It.)

This is unbelievable.  And believable.

Well, we *knew* that we could do this.  Our team is highly motivated, awesome, and generally okay great at networking/ recruiting.  (Yes, we are self-promoters too.)  The responses about Cavalcade of Authors West from everyone are AMAZING… We have heard from authors, supporters, future attendees, and all sorts of others readers and writers and lovers of literacy.  Seeing that you can’t wait to be here is making us happy.  We appreciate your responses!  Yes, we do!

So now, because of your responses: Cavalcade of Authors West has not just a name, a website, and board members… we have FACES.  And BOOKS.  LOTS of books.  (We are giddy over these books.)  We’ve been slowly introducing our visiting authors via Twitter and Instagram as details are finalized… and we are so honored to share that joyful news with you.

Here’s the list we have so far!

And here’s a sampling of the books they’re bringing to the table–eek!

In case you’re not sure what Cavalcade entails (in other words, you forgot)–it’s 15+ authors (TOP NOTCH) in the same place.  These lovely people will share insights about writing, publishing, and so much more with young people (middle/ high schoolers) from all over Pierce County.  We have the location and the date: Pacific Lutheran University on May 2nd, 2015.  Schedules are being arranged, logistics discussed, and most of all–excitement building.

You need to follow us on social media.  You’ll get the latest buzz and updates about who you’ll get to see.  Share this with your friends.  Share this with your family.  Start READING!  Freak out, do a happy dance, send us a sweet note of encouragement over Twitter–HECK, follow us!  We can’t wait to see you at Cavalcade of Authors West!

Bubbling Excitement!

We cannot contain our excitement—it’s bubbling over, it’s making our hearts hurt (in a good “This is wonderful!” kind of way), it’s creating dance parties—in our brains and in real life.

The first Cavalcade of Authors West is taking shape!

Our group has been working to bring you the very best authors possible… and we have some AMAZING names already lined up!  We don’t have the full line-up fleshed out yet, but so far, we’re beyond blessed by the response and awesomeness of the authors who have jumped in to be a part of Cavalcade West.  If you know an author that wants to be a part of Cavalcade West, then by all means, please send them to this site!  We have a super easy form for authors to fill out that helps us provide the best experience for everyone (it’s found HERE).

Our group has also been working hard behind the scenes to create a budget (with all the pain, numbers, and anxiety that brings) that stays true to the needs of a program AND that reaches a large group of middle grade and secondary students.  We have found ways to raise money, to ask for money, and to do without money… it’s not magic, it mostly relies on donors and grants.  If you know of anyone who needs to unload a pile of cash or give away some grant money, then please send them our way (visit our Contact Us page for more info).

So—please share our excitement… we can’t wait to hear from you—your questions, your comments, your enthusiasm!  Twitter is a quick way to let us know what you’re thinking, so hit us up @CavalcadeWest and we hope to see you back here soon!