Ready, Set, Registration!

Today is the day…

Registration is open!


If you’re as excited as we are (which is pretty excited), then you’ll make sure to send in your list of students and your payment ASAP!  We can’t wait to start filling in workshop sessions and seeing which schools are bringing the most kids.  (We’re not saying it’s a contest to bring the most kids, but we kind of are saying it’s a contest.  *HUGE SMILE*)

So check out the below information if you’ve lost the email we sent out (or if you’re completely new to the COAWest 2016 bandwagon)… it’s all here:





And just for kicks, here’s a quick reminder “run-down” of the basics of Cavalcade of Authors West 2016…

$20 per student
April 30th, 2016
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
All your favorite authors (or soon -to-be-favorite)

That’s about it.  Send us your students! (Well, the forms with the student names, and the money from your students… we will take the students later.)

Happy Monday!