Hashtags, Countdown, and More!

Hey you!

If you’re planning on attending Cavalcade of Authors West, then you need to know a few things…

1) We’re on Twitter.  Go here to follow us.  We have cool pictures, author news, day-of announcements, and some tips & tricks!  (Or, just click over on the right side to “follow” us if you’re reading in a browser.)

2) When you follow us on Twitter, also follow us on Instagram.  And then tweet out/ insta out that you’re excited for our conference.  Who knows, we might even follow you back!  (You can always check out our feed on the right hand side if you’re reading this in a browser!)

Really, though, MOST IMPORTANTLY >> please use #coawest15 as your hashtag of choice when writing/ posting/ editing anything having to do with Cavalcade of Authors West.  You will find it so helpful to see all the CoA posts in one spot, in one click.  So, make it happen and hashtag ALL THE THINGS with


You’ll find the hashtag and our Twitter/ Instagram handles on your handy-dandy program you will pick up next Saturday when you check in.


1 feels

*commences happy dance*

…6 minutes later…

*continues dancing*

…2 minutes later…

*catches breath*

Seriously, though, Cavalcade is in one week. (Eeek!) That is beyond craziness! Be ready. Read, collect your favorite Sharpies for autographing sessions, talk with your friends about which authors and books you NEED to see, and FOLLOW us on Twitter and Instagram!

Until next week…


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