A Galaxy of Newness!

It seems like there is a galaxy of newness showing up all over the website, so today you’re going to get links to more content, more information, more posters, more people, and more requests! Hooray!

Therefore, today deserves an awesome picture of the galaxy. (You’re welcome.)

galaxy[Photo Credit]

First up, printables!  We have the COA Poster and Brochure ready for you to hit print (print all you want!).

Next, we have a Donation Form ready for you to fill in and return. If you love books, authors, reading, writing, education, or opportunities for students, then donating is for YOU! It doesn’t matter if you have a credit card, purchase order, check, or in-kind donation… Cavalcade of Authors West wants and needs your donation of any size or shape. We want to give you as many ways to donate as possible, so check out our IndieGoGo Campaign HERE.

Plus, the About section has more info about the SUPER AWESOME SCHEDULE for those of you who like to see the specific start and end times (it helps with arranging transportation, etc).

If you need information about Registration, then you need to check out our information on that page… it’s crucial!

Books, books, books! Check out our Featured Books page for information about what books you’ll be reading from our awesome authors. Heck yes.

Oh yeah, we also have the Author Visit Request Form ready for your school to fill in if you want the amazing opportunity for an author to come visit your school on Friday, May 1st before the conference.

THEN, we have the Authors & Workshops page updated with pictures AND links to every author who will attend Cavalcade. Just click the name of the author to follow the interwebz to his or her own website full of intriguing information!

But wait, there’s more!

Coming soon we will have biographies of every author (which will help students make choices about who they want to hear during panel and workshop presentations). And! we’re going to have descriptions soon of all of the workshops being offered, which is beyond exciting!

That’s a lot to soak up… but we know you can do it. Get those typing and surfing fingers ready, grab your favorite browsing beverage, and enjoy the new information brought to you by Cavalcade of Authors West!

another galaxy[Photo Credit]


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