Believe It or Not! (Just Believe It.)

This is unbelievable.  And believable.

Well, we *knew* that we could do this.  Our team is highly motivated, awesome, and generally okay great at networking/ recruiting.  (Yes, we are self-promoters too.)  The responses about Cavalcade of Authors West from everyone are AMAZING… We have heard from authors, supporters, future attendees, and all sorts of others readers and writers and lovers of literacy.  Seeing that you can’t wait to be here is making us happy.  We appreciate your responses!  Yes, we do!

So now, because of your responses: Cavalcade of Authors West has not just a name, a website, and board members… we have FACES.  And BOOKS.  LOTS of books.  (We are giddy over these books.)  We’ve been slowly introducing our visiting authors via Twitter and Instagram as details are finalized… and we are so honored to share that joyful news with you.

Here’s the list we have so far!

And here’s a sampling of the books they’re bringing to the table–eek!

In case you’re not sure what Cavalcade entails (in other words, you forgot)–it’s 15+ authors (TOP NOTCH) in the same place.  These lovely people will share insights about writing, publishing, and so much more with young people (middle/ high schoolers) from all over Pierce County.  We have the location and the date: Pacific Lutheran University on May 2nd, 2015.  Schedules are being arranged, logistics discussed, and most of all–excitement building.

You need to follow us on social media.  You’ll get the latest buzz and updates about who you’ll get to see.  Share this with your friends.  Share this with your family.  Start READING!  Freak out, do a happy dance, send us a sweet note of encouragement over Twitter–HECK, follow us!  We can’t wait to see you at Cavalcade of Authors West!


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