Bubbling Excitement!

We cannot contain our excitement—it’s bubbling over, it’s making our hearts hurt (in a good “This is wonderful!” kind of way), it’s creating dance parties—in our brains and in real life.

The first Cavalcade of Authors West is taking shape!

Our group has been working to bring you the very best authors possible… and we have some AMAZING names already lined up!  We don’t have the full line-up fleshed out yet, but so far, we’re beyond blessed by the response and awesomeness of the authors who have jumped in to be a part of Cavalcade West.  If you know an author that wants to be a part of Cavalcade West, then by all means, please send them to this site!  We have a super easy form for authors to fill out that helps us provide the best experience for everyone (it’s found HERE).

Our group has also been working hard behind the scenes to create a budget (with all the pain, numbers, and anxiety that brings) that stays true to the needs of a program AND that reaches a large group of middle grade and secondary students.  We have found ways to raise money, to ask for money, and to do without money… it’s not magic, it mostly relies on donors and grants.  If you know of anyone who needs to unload a pile of cash or give away some grant money, then please send them our way (visit our Contact Us page for more info).

So—please share our excitement… we can’t wait to hear from you—your questions, your comments, your enthusiasm!  Twitter is a quick way to let us know what you’re thinking, so hit us up @CavalcadeWest and we hope to see you back here soon!


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